Monday, 25 October 2010

hello old magazines♥

i'm recycling magazines into envelopes! what do you do with your old magazines? what about old bubble envelopes? i keep mine and reuse for etsy, sending packages out in the post, collage.

also check out

the affordable vintage fair ♥

hello lovelies! i've been neglecting this page but still am really involved with the recycling! i've been doing lots of little things that all add up! taking one of my many shopper tote bags to the shops even when i just want one item, like bread, tea or milk!
recycling glass coffee jars and filling these with soaps, they make a pretty edition to your bathroom!

i bought this at the 2008 affordable vintage fair and guess what-judy's affordable vintage fair is touring the uk NOW, the next one is 30th October at Derby University Student Union, halloween the 31st October it's coming to Leeds University Student Union and there's quite a good few dates after that up until the 28th November where it makes it's final stop for this year at The Workstation Sheffield. It's a fab atmosphere, loads of bargains to be had- so you can get reworking vintage to make your own stuff with your own stamp on it, vintage treasures,

Friday, 16 July 2010

soaps and totes ♥

nostalgia organics are super lovely, they employ a philosophy that means they want to make the world a happier place, this means supporting local trades, using quality ingredients in their products so there's no horrible chemicals! yey!
they do amazing soap stacks for only £9.75- you can buy them from in the UK and there's loads of US stockists on their website too! but the hidden gem in their lovely soap stacks are that the labels unfolds and can then be reused and recycled into something else! how nice is that! ♥
save the planet tote bag is super lovely, looks pretty and you won't be wanting a plastic bag for anything with this- save the planet tote bag is available at illustrated living
image credits to illustrated living & nostalgia organics

charlie and lola recycling

{image belongs to Lauren Child, source google images}
i stumbled across this, okay i actively sought it out after being really inspired by one of the episodes of Charlie and Lola by lovely illustrator Lauren Child, called look after your planet,where they start thinking about recycling. it's an endearing and clever way of reaching illustrators too and getting them thinking about what they can do to alter what they consume and how they get rid of their stuff. i know being an illustrator myself i absolutely love Charlie and Lola, i think it's extremely clever and great and even promoted the use of recycling papers and materials in how the pictures are made ♥

it's a section of that focuses on our planet and recycling ♥
i know it's aimed at children, but it's always a good thing to get young ones involved in recycling and looking after their environment to help look after our planet. also you can grab a mug to pop in your office or studio over at illustrated living plus it's fun, pop over and have a look, get involved!

Thursday, 15 July 2010

frock me!

vintage fashion galore at the lovely frock me event this Sunday from 11 til 5.30pm at the Chelsea Town Hall, Kings Road, Chelsea, London SW3 5EE aaand if you're a student it's a snap at only £2 to get in (just take your student ID along with you, and plenty of lovely tote bags to fill with vintage fashion finds!)

frock me! was what inspired the show frock me with alexa chung and has been going for 7 years! it's going to be jam packed with lovely vintage fashion finds and there's even a tea room! ♥

sounds good to me, vintage fashion and tea! it's all you could ever want! ♥

hello! ♥

i'm natasha, i illustrate, drink tea {real tea though none of that fluff with nothing in it} and have recently become aware of recycling, properly.

i always knew that recycling was a positive thing for our environment, it stops things becoming all dusty and crowded and overgrown with crap we hoard or discard wrongly. but it's not just about that, i've come to realise something as simple as choosing where you buy your clothes from will promote recycling in a healthy and positive way. and it doesn't cost the earth and you can find some pretty amazing bargains out there if you know where to look! so i've decided to start this blog is to inspire people to start buying, wearing, saving and recycling vintage clothes and also to become more ethically aware about the things they wear and the things they consume ♥

it's going to be a place to post inspiration, great finds, promote vintage shops and boutiques, find out new ways to recycle! so if you know of a local charity shop, vintage shop or boutique that's an excellent find then i want to know about it!
i'm done with throw away fashion and want to inspire people to get into charity shops, car boot sales, rework their fashion with quality, pretty and responsibly sourced material ♥