Monday, 25 October 2010

the affordable vintage fair ♥

hello lovelies! i've been neglecting this page but still am really involved with the recycling! i've been doing lots of little things that all add up! taking one of my many shopper tote bags to the shops even when i just want one item, like bread, tea or milk!
recycling glass coffee jars and filling these with soaps, they make a pretty edition to your bathroom!

i bought this at the 2008 affordable vintage fair and guess what-judy's affordable vintage fair is touring the uk NOW, the next one is 30th October at Derby University Student Union, halloween the 31st October it's coming to Leeds University Student Union and there's quite a good few dates after that up until the 28th November where it makes it's final stop for this year at The Workstation Sheffield. It's a fab atmosphere, loads of bargains to be had- so you can get reworking vintage to make your own stuff with your own stamp on it, vintage treasures,

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