Friday, 16 July 2010

charlie and lola recycling

{image belongs to Lauren Child, source google images}
i stumbled across this, okay i actively sought it out after being really inspired by one of the episodes of Charlie and Lola by lovely illustrator Lauren Child, called look after your planet,where they start thinking about recycling. it's an endearing and clever way of reaching illustrators too and getting them thinking about what they can do to alter what they consume and how they get rid of their stuff. i know being an illustrator myself i absolutely love Charlie and Lola, i think it's extremely clever and great and even promoted the use of recycling papers and materials in how the pictures are made ♥

it's a section of that focuses on our planet and recycling ♥
i know it's aimed at children, but it's always a good thing to get young ones involved in recycling and looking after their environment to help look after our planet. also you can grab a mug to pop in your office or studio over at illustrated living plus it's fun, pop over and have a look, get involved!

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